Friday, February 18, 2011


As you might have heard, we are now the owners of a very large (to me, anyway) truck. This will be the vehicle that I drive with the kids. I'm a little nervous. I'm already anxiously thinking about the first time I have to gas in this monster. I'll be paranoid about parking it, and I'm thinking it will take about a year to fill up the tank :P

Saying goodbye to the Buick will be bittersweet. She has been nothing but faithful to us since we "bought" her from my grandma after my grandfather passed away in 2006. I have a lot of very fond memories of Mable.
My grandpa bought her brand new in 1997. As a 13 year old girl, I would sit waiting impatiently for the burgundy Buick to come around the corner of my parent's street, eagerly anticipating the arrival of my grandparents, who had driven from Ottawa.
My grandpa would pick me up from high school or drive me out to the farm in his car. Those trips meant a lot to me - talking quietly about life and friends to a man who seemed so boisterous and loud, but was really very soft and tender.
Since we have become the proud owners of trusty Mable, she has driven both of our children home from the hospital, gone on family trips, and we have 'lived life' depending on her to get help us on our journey.

I know, it's just a car. A car with a million scratches in the paint, some rust here and there, and lets not forget about the yellow cord holding her front fender together. She likes to drink oil and coolant at an outrageous pace, and nobody but the driver can put their windows down anymore. But I'm oddly sentimental about inanimate objects. (Remember this post about my old, ratty, gross beige shoes? Yah, I wore them to the grocery store yesterday!!) And I will be sad to see her go. We don't know what her fate is quite yet, but there is no point keeping her. Anyone looking for beat up, but still dependable car? She'll be a real deal ;)

My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE the new truck. We all piled in last night and the kids sat on Justin's lap and they drove it up and down the driveway a few gazillion times. Jacob is obsessed. He stand at the kitchen window, his little finger smashed hard again the glass yelling at me "cruck! cruck! cruck!" We're all looking forward to getting it certified and on the road.

But if you see a gray Avalanche coming at you with a nervous looking blond girl behind the wheel, you might want to move out of the way!


Heather VMS said...

New vehicles are always fun! I was sad to say goodbye to Ben's Hyundi too. I have those sentimental feelings about odd objects too :-) Hope you have fun driving!

Belinda said...

I so get the sadness. Ken and I had a brown jetta that took us on our first date, 4 years of dating, our honeymoon and even took Josh home from the hospital. It had soooo many fun memories associated with it. It is parked behind Ken's parents still I think! (o: