Thursday, January 20, 2011

LIfe..... According to Emily

Emily usually says at least one thing each day that causes me to burst out laughing. She has such an interesting mind.
Here are some of my favourites:

*She has a "thing" about bunny metaphors

"That's as sticky as a bunny covered in honey"
"That's as cold as a bunny riding on a polar bear holding an ice cube"
"That's a beautiful as a bunny that's dressed up like a princess"
"That smells as good as a bunny holding a bunch of flowers"
"That's as hot as a deep fried pogo dog"
"That's as funny as a clown without a circus" (referring to something that was not funny)
"Mom, you have pretty hair. I love the yellow, brown, and gray"
"Boy, I bet God gets pretty cold hands, holding the whole world all winter long"
"Sorry mom, but Jesus knows me better than you do because he made my soul"
"Mom, where does Pastor John sleep? I've never seen a bed at church?" (thinking Pastor John lives at church)

She has said countless more interesting and hilarious phrases, I just can't remember them all. I should quickly jot down all her sayings and through them in a memory box, I'm sure we'll cherish them even more in years to come.