Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kids say.....

Emily :  "Grandma, we had something delicious for supper.  Chicken pox pie".  (Chicken pot pie).

When discussing word association for piano lessons. 

Me:  "When you hear the word Melodic, think of your cousin Melody."
Emily: "Why not Abby?"
Me:  "Because MELODy and MELODic sound the same"
Emily:  "I would rather think of Abby"
Me: "So when I say 'Melodic' you'll think of....."
Emily: "Abby"

alrighty then.  moving onto the word 'harmonic'

Me: "Do you know what the word harmony means?"
Emily: "No, but I know what extended grace means."

I guess word association with 5 year olds doesn't work the best.

Jacob on our play phone:

Jacob:  "Hello?  Who is this?"
**waits in silence as the imaginary person answers him
Jacob: "Oh! It's daddy! Hi dad! Where are you?"
**waits for the pretend answer
Jacob:  "Oh, you're in toronto.  What are you doing?"
**waits for the pretend response
Jacob: "huh?"
Apparently pretend conversations are hard to make out on a pretend telephone.