Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Little Homemaker

Please pray for Jacinda over at Growing Home (previously named Happy Little Homemaker).

I found her blog through Sarah L, and Taunya VD's blogs. She is a lovely Christian wife and mother who blogs about her passion for Christ and her desire to serve the Lord.

Unfortunately, there are entire forums out there that are dedicated to ripping apart and personally attacking such blogs and their authors. Jacinda's blog ended up in their discussion forum where several members accused her of child cruelty and being brain washed (among many more horrible things).

Please stop by her site and leave an encouraging word for her. I know that if I were in her shoes I would be feeling very discouraged and depressed.

I'm praying for you, Jacinda - keep on blogging - you are a wonderful encouragement to others!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer 2011

I have been HORRIBLE at keeping up with pictures lately. I'm not good at remembering to have my camera close by with a charged battery and memory card intact. And I'm not a huge fan of our camera. Jacob has a way of tracking down and acquiring anything electronic within a 10 mile radius. Seriously. I have found him with so many tools/remotes/ipods/cameras it's unbelievable.
And when he finds our camera, he loves to pull back the little metal lens cover and get him grimy little boy fingers all over it. So I'm constantly trying to get his finger prints off the glass - any suggestions??? - or I won't remember to CHECK for fingerprints and take a picture only to have it come out all blurry. And by the time I clean it, the moment's gone. That's my excuse.

But, here are a few summer pictures. We haven't done any day trips yet, so other than everyday life there's not much going on around here. But as of this weekend, it's all going to change. This weekend marks the "beginning" of our summer activities :)

After Rosie Rhubarb. Emily lives for face painting.

Baby Lucas. He's so so cute.

Jackson and Emily playing in the sprinkler. They are good friends, even though Emily says she'll never marry him because "he's a maniac" :)

And this is what the Jakester thought of the sprinkler fun. He has yet to splash in the freezing cold water without saying "ow!" the entire time.

Mitsy's mom. She just gave birth (again) although I have yet to find her kittens. But truth be told, I'm not looking too hard.
If I find them, anyone want one?? Her babies make great pets. See???
And of course, lets not forget Rosco! Mom and Dad Pennings' new dog. He is so sweet and gentle with the kids. Jacob loves, loves, loves him. When the kids are a bit older, we'll probably end up getting a dog. But for now, I don't really want to responsibility of one, (I'm not a dog person) and this cute little guy is only 7 mintues away. So we'll just get our doggie fix from Grandma and Grandpa's for now :)