Monday, September 14, 2009

Jacob Hendrik

I'm a little past due for a birth announcement via blogger, so I'll skip ahead to a one month update instead!
Jacob is doing very well. He's up to 12lb 8oz from his original birth weight of 9lb 15oz and is already 23.5 inches long. He is a very happy baby and although he does have a bit of a temper we very rarely see it.
Emily is adjusting fairly well to having a brother. Although she can be a bit more defiant towards me, she has also become much more independent in the last month which is nice. So it's a good balance.
So far we've had two ultrasounds to keep an eye on an under developed left kidney. Today's ultrasound showed the same amount (a small amount) of urine backing up from the kidney but in almost all cases the kidneys will heal themselves in time. But we will keep going back for ultrasounds to keep an eye on it.
We are thoroughly enjoying having a new baby in the house - especially one as sweet as Jacob.

(pictures taken by Julianna Pennings)