Monday, October 07, 2013

Lauren's diy wedding

 On August 31st, Lauren and Tim got married.

It was SUCH A GOOD DAY.  Awesome weather, no worries, everything went so smoothly.  And, an added bonus, by mid afternoon they were husband and wife ;)

I had tonnes of fun planning this day with Lauren.   Oddly enough, I put WAY more time and effort into this wedding than I did my own.  8 years ago, there was no pinterest or wedding gawker.  Any ideas came from bridal magazines or from other weddings I'd been to.  I basically picked my colours and my menu and told the wedding planner to do the rest.  I had never seen my bridesmaids bouquets until the day they arrived.  I didn't really know what the hall was going to look like.  Or the church.  The day before my wedding I did ZERO prep work.  Interesting, eh? 

Anyway, I digress.  Here are some photos of some of the bigger things we did.  All the photos are from This Moment Forever photography. 
The center pieces.  Babysbreath and rented tower vases.  They took a few hours to make. Each vase used approx. $15 of flowers. 

Table set up
Matt designed the menus and printed them at VanPelts.  We youtubed a napkin folding video, and viola.  A fancy touch.  Megan folded all the napkins
Cupcake table.  The cake plates were borrowed from a friend, crates belonged to Julianna, mason jars from the thrift store, cupcakes made by Laura Morden. 

Midnight buffet and drink table

Signing table.  The old typewriter belongs to Julianna

Blurb book used as a guest book

They had a fun sparkler send off

Front entrance

Windows we used as a seating chart

It took a little over 3 hours to write the names on. 

This was NOT diy.  A decorator from Dutton came in and did the "big" stuff.  The ceiling and the backdrop
Bridesmaids bouquets made by Julianna

All the hydrangeas came from Tim's mom's garden.  Didn't we luck out?  We had buckets and buckets of them

Flower girl baskets from the dollar store and spray painted