Monday, December 20, 2010

Baby Liam

Meet baby Liam. He is adorably cute, with the most squeezable cheeks known to man. He came into this world with a bit of drama, but seems to have gotten it out of his system. His momma says hes a fairly content baby and is pretty quiet most of the time.... other than at 2am perhaps?

My kids love him... Emily especially is taken with him and talks about baby Liam ALL the time. But she also let me know that she's glad that he's Aidan's brother, and not her own brother. Because, she already has ONE brother. And that's enough. (According to Emily :)

A bit of purple or pink might have been a nice change for the VanMaanen colour scheme, but I think that they are doing such a great job raising their boys that God decided to give them one more. One more boy who will grow up to be a strong, godly man. Who will make an excellent husband and father. Congratulations, Stephen and Janet, on the birth of your third son.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The 'J' Team

Jacob and Jackson. Best friends. Double Trouble.

Originally, Jacob was a bit shy of Jackson, as Jackson is a rough and tumble type of guy, whereas Jacob is slightly more sensitive. But they've figured it out and now and have quite the time together.
I love that they get along so well, and sometimes I'm sure that they know what the other one is saying.....

playing with cars

yes, that is Jackson sucking on Jacob's soother, while it is still attached to Jacob.

Jackson : "Hey Jacob, check out this cool car-thing."

Jacob : "What does it do?? Lets investigate"

Both : "A digital display with buttons that beep?? Awesome."

They are such boys!