Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hello, my name is Jacob.....

I like to start each day early. I usually wake up at 5:45am, a time reserved for fishermen, crows, and of course, babies. But I wake up with a smile on my face and jibberish overflowing out of my tiny little mouth. I can only say dadadadada and babababa with the occasional mumumumum thrown into the mix, but I know what I'm saying.

I am extremely clumsy. On a daily basis I often fall over for no reason from the sitting position, laugh so hard that I choke, and dump full cups of water on my face in the bathtub. Hiccups are immanent each day along with multiple belches, and a few toots that can sometime smell so bad it makes my sister cry (but she's a little sensitive, if you ask me!).

I don't know how to crawl. I think it's over-rated. Instead, I am a world champion roller. If I see something I want I form a direct route in my head and start flipping around. My mom has found me wedged into tiny spaces and inside of the tv stand. Yep, I'm amazing.

My favourite places are the jolly jumper, the bathtub, and my mom's left hip. I'm a good eater and often eat two suppers. My favourite foods are bland baby oat cereal, pasta in tomato sauce, and yogurt. I'm not really into formula and will only drink it at night time or before my nap. I would rather have apple juice.

So far I've had 5 haircuts. I just had one yesterday - my mom's first time! Grandma Pennings is usually is my barber, but my mom did an okay job. She took way longer though.

I love my sister, most of the time. She likes to swing me in the jolly jumper, which is very exciting and fun until I bump into the door frame. She loves to tickle my feet, but I think she needs a few tickle lesson. Good thing it's not summer yet and I'm always wearing socks - she's a bit rough. I think she likes me too, but sometimes it's hard to tell. I often hear my mom speak very sternly to her after she takes away my toys, and tears always ensue.

I know my name and will always respond when someone says it. But I also respond to Jake, the Jakester, Jakereno, Jacobson, and Snake. The last one is compliments of my dad. I also always pay attention to the name Emily. Sometimes I might think it's my name, or if it's being called I know my sister will soon appear.

As my mom types out this blog post, I'm sitting on the floor playing with an old keyboard and eating saltine crackers. Each time I get fussy, my mom throws another cracker at me like I'm some type of zoo animals. Oh well, I'm happy.

My name is Jacob, and I am very loved by very many wonderful people. You might even be one of them ;)