Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Family photo shoot

Julianna bravely agreed to photograph Justin's side of the family. All 33 of us. She did an amazing job.

Here are some of my favourites.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012


  • Woke up at the same time Justin was coming home from a 24 hour work day (7am)
  • Took Emily to her second day of school.  
  • Couldn't pry Emily off my legs and get her to stay on the playground, so I had to take her inside to Mrs. Vandenbrink - who is awesome and is going to let Emily help her set up in the morning until Emily gets more comfortable being at school.  LOVE the teachers at STCCS
  • Had coffee with Justin
  • Finished making 15 framed birth order props for our family photo shoot on Friday
  • Built a dozen or two towers with Jacob and watched him knock them over
  • Dusted, swept, unloaded the dishwasher
  • Microwaved two hotdogs for my husband to eat before he left for work... BAD wife!!!
  • Washed, Dried, and FOLDED 3 loads of laundry.  They are not yet put away.
  • Went to Shoppers hoping to find something to help heal Jacob's face.  Picked up some Vit E and Teatree Oil cream.... lets see if it works.  
  • Picked up a happy Emily from school
  • Bought a very cute tie from Button Up Boutique for this Friday
  • Sat on the porch and read a few chapters from Genesis while the kids played out back.  The porch is my favourite place to read. 
  • Was a human tow-truck and hauled the purple truck from the corner of our property back to the garage (because it ALWAYS dies in the furthest point on our yard)
  • Re did the September nursery list for the third time
  • Rescued my kids from the toy shelf
  • Asked my kids what they wanted for dinner and then made them the requested scrambled eggs (yes!)
  • Is currently eating my own dinner of, you guessed it, chips and salsa.  And a diet coke.  Yum.  

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Can you see a difference??

The first day of Junior Kindergarten... She was happy and excited to go to school. 

The first day of Senior Kindergarten.... Not so happy, not so excited.