Saturday, April 28, 2012

Just for fun I thought I would post this picture of Emily. I am trying out my new blogging app. Hopefully it will work!

Please don't look too closely at emilys outfit. She is wearing her favourite skirt paired with her new black soccer shoes ;)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Going Private

I've decided to make this blog private.

There are certain issues/life events that I don't ever speak of on blogger or facebook since you never really know who is reading your blog/facebook page. I don't like to post pictures of others or their children on my blog since I know it is viewable by the public. I think going private is a smart choice.

I don't have any regular blog readers that are strangers to me (that I know of) so I won't be excluding a reader. Or if I do, I guess that's the whole point of going private, right?

That being said.... don't think I'm going to reveal some exciting secret on here :) I'm just talking about every day things like when Justin is away overnight or something along those lines. Things that I wouldn't want just anyone to know.

So if you'd like to be added to my blog reader list please leave a comment with your email address. The comment section will not be public. Only I will be able to see them. Don't feel pressured to leave some witty comment along with your email address..... just the basic info is fine ;)

I'll be changing the settings in about 1 week.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


While speaking to me, Jacob accidentally burped mid sentence.
I asked him "Jake, what do you say after you burp?"
He answered with "Ummm... I burped??"

After ongoing stomach pain I told Emily we are going to cut out dairy products to see if it makes her stomach feel better. I told her she might have a milk allergy.
That evening I overheard her speaking with my mom on the phone -- "Grandma, I've been sneezing a bit lately. Mom thinks I'm allergic to milk"

Emily, after hearing about a contest to win a princess prize. "Mom! Can we please enter this? I would really love to win one of five Rapunzel Prize Packs!"

And Heather VMS, this one is for you....
To describe something that smelled quite awful Emily said "That smells as bad as a bunny covered in rotten banana peels".

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

6 Months

When Mikayla was first born I didn't "recognize" her. She looked a bit different than all the other Pennings babies that have been born within the last decade. Maybe it was the Naves side coming through.
But now and again I see Emily in her. A few weeks ago Bethany posted a picture of her rolling her way around the living room and the resemblance shone through. And now again I see it.
I tried to find a good comparison picture, but this is the best I could come up with. I have a picture in my mind that would show the similarity a bit more but I can't seem to dig it up!
Anyway, what do you think? Do they share similar features?? Can you tell they are cousins?