Tuesday, April 10, 2012


While speaking to me, Jacob accidentally burped mid sentence.
I asked him "Jake, what do you say after you burp?"
He answered with "Ummm... I burped??"

After ongoing stomach pain I told Emily we are going to cut out dairy products to see if it makes her stomach feel better. I told her she might have a milk allergy.
That evening I overheard her speaking with my mom on the phone -- "Grandma, I've been sneezing a bit lately. Mom thinks I'm allergic to milk"

Emily, after hearing about a contest to win a princess prize. "Mom! Can we please enter this? I would really love to win one of five Rapunzel Prize Packs!"

And Heather VMS, this one is for you....
To describe something that smelled quite awful Emily said "That smells as bad as a bunny covered in rotten banana peels".


HeatherVMS said...

AHHAAA!! I love it! Emily is hilarious! That one is definitely going to be circulated in the teBokkel household :-)

Taunya said...

funny girl - her and her similies! make sure you write them down