Friday, July 22, 2011

So far today....

I have:

- been held hostage in my sunroom by a mama cat trying to protect her 6 kittens.

-checked on Jacob only to find him stuffing his hands into his disgustingly dirty diaper and then finger painting on our white carpet with a big grin.

- had to wipe purple paint out of Emily's ear canal (she was trying to paint earrings on her ears - apparently a concept that she doesn't quite grasp yet).

- pried a half dead very smushed cicada from the hands of my almost-two year old.

- googled how to spell "cicada".

- super cleaned the bathroom - you know.... when you take EVERYthing out of your bathroom and then go crazy with bleach. SUCH a good feeling.

- made chocolate toffee squares.

What have YOU done today??

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

There's no "I" (or red ball) in TEAM

My mom gave Emily an old cat toy that her cats no longer play with because they're old now, too. So she brought it home for Mischievous Mitsy. She of course FREAKED OUT when Emily first gave it to her and gave us all a good laugh while we watched her spin in a circle trying to catch and "kill" the red ball.
After a while of unsuccessful attempts to retrieve the red ball, Jacob took pity on her and decided to help her out and get the ball for her. Turns out he's not too much smarter than our cat. (But oh so much more loveable!) And I'm sure he is, actually, quite a bit smarter than our little kitty.
I had a good time watching them try to work together to gain the victory. I'm not sure who enjoyed it most. Mitsy, Jacob, or me :)

Loving the new toy:

"Here, kitty, let me help you":
"I think you just have to reach in like this"

"Okay, maybe the two of us can figure it out together!"

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Canada Day Fireworks

This year we decided to go the the Fingal baseball diamond for fireworks. Considering the size of Southwold Township the display was very impressive. It lasted quite a while. And - the best part - it's about 45 seconds from our house!
This was the first time either of my kids have seen fireworks. Emily LOVED it. Every minute of it. Although she thought it was a bit too loud.
Jacob didn't know what to think. He wavered between excited/amazed and scared out his mind. For a while, he held up his hand to the sky and yelled "Stop! Stop it!" Poor guy. He maybe should have stayed home in his comfy bed.

Scared Jacob (Justin is having a good time!)
Interested Jacob:And back to scared:Seeing the very first firework:

We are very thankful to live in such a great country :)