Friday, July 22, 2011

So far today....

I have:

- been held hostage in my sunroom by a mama cat trying to protect her 6 kittens.

-checked on Jacob only to find him stuffing his hands into his disgustingly dirty diaper and then finger painting on our white carpet with a big grin.

- had to wipe purple paint out of Emily's ear canal (she was trying to paint earrings on her ears - apparently a concept that she doesn't quite grasp yet).

- pried a half dead very smushed cicada from the hands of my almost-two year old.

- googled how to spell "cicada".

- super cleaned the bathroom - you know.... when you take EVERYthing out of your bathroom and then go crazy with bleach. SUCH a good feeling.

- made chocolate toffee squares.

What have YOU done today??


Mel said...

Well, I can add laughing at your day to my list! lol What a day!

Mark and Beth said...

ew! Did the poop come out of the carpet?

P.S as soon as I read cicada, I totally thought to myself... "i would've definitely googled how to spell that one". lol

Belinda said...

CRAZY!!!!!!!! I have had a diaper painting before too. Aaaawful gross. What made me laugh was the smile on his face. What a crazy guy!

Ahh being a mom..... Great isn't it? (o:

Rachel said...

This made me laugh. Growing up, we were not "cat people" one time on vacation, we were cat sitting and the owner's crazy black cat had 4 girls, terrified and locked in the bathroom. A few weeks ago I spent 3 hours sterilizing Kentin's bedroom after he discovered "finger painting" too. Thank goodness for disinfectant wipes.

Anita said...

Well, I have to say I am a tiny bit relieved at the diaper issue. We've been having the same one over here, so it must just be a phase (please tell me I am right). :-) But what a day!! Definitely a day for chocolate something or other.