Thursday, July 11, 2013

I have a friend.

I have a friend who totally "gets" me.  We often feel the same way about about life events and share the same opinion on many matters.  We like the same things and have the same taste in clothes, decor, etc. She's someone I can send a random text to and I know she won't think I'm weird (or maybe we are just weird in the same way :) ). We spend many hours chatting about important life changing decisions and useless nonsense like shoes and hairstyles.  There really is nothing you could ask of her that she wouldn't try her absolute hardest to give you.  Our lives are woven closely together in life circumstances and I am thankful.

I have a friend who is my sounding board.  When I am faced with a difficulty in life I find myself frantically typing away.  Sentence after sentence, paragraph after paragraph.  Click click click click.  I look at the screen and a little novel has appeared.  I click send and get a response that usually goes something like this.  'Hmm.  That is a tough one. Let me think about it'.  And she does.  And she gives me wise, kind, thoughtful, loving answers.  And she has a smart husband who sometimes adds his two cents (that are really worth a lot more!).  She has a fierce love for the Lord and inspires me.  She is my heart friend.

I have a friend who is my moral compass.  I bet she has no idea.  When I am making important or mundane choices I think of what she would choose.   She makes me laugh without trying to be funny.  She has wild streak in her that sometimes pokes through and it makes me smile.  She is always, constantly striving to grow in Christ.  She inspires my walk and we swap prayer requests.    She encourages me and gives great advice.

I have a friend who requires no work.  I am always 100% myself with  her.  No facade.  Ever.  She tells me how it is, and I do the same.  I am never afraid of voicing my questions or concerns to her.  She would never say something to hurt me or just to prove herself.  She has such an alive faith.  She talks about Jesus so freely and regularly.  She gets my parenting style and understands some of my more rigid policies.  She is generous beyond belief.  We love long car rides :)

I have a friend who I love to plan things with. We never butt heads and usually turn event meetings into long chats over coffee.  She is easy to talk to and there is never an awkward gap in conversation.   Our plans are often foiled by rain.  I wonder what that means??  She is always optimistic and cheerful. She is never gossipy or speaks ill of anyone.  She has tamed her tongue and inspires me to do the same.  She is a great blend of organization and chaos.  We always have fun and work so very well together. 

I have a friend who is like a sister to me.  We share family, and that creates a bond that is unlike many others.  Hours pass by like minutes when we are together.  I know I can count on her when times are tough.  And I know I can laugh with her when times are good.  She is changeless.  I know we will be friends forever.  When we have grey hair and walkers, we will hobble along together.  We can go 1 day or 1 month without seeing each other and it makes no difference.  She is my keeper of secrets and sharer of dreams. 

I have a best friend.  He is my soul mate.  I cannot imagine life without him.  He has challenged me and changed me for better.  He has provided for me and depended on me like no other. And I have depended on him like no other.  I love him more and more each day.  The longer we are together the fiercer the bond.  The harder it would ever be to separate us.  He lead me to the Lord and is now leading our children there.  He and I are one.  I love him with all of my soul.

I have been so richly blessed with earthly friends.  What a sweet day it will be to commune with them in heaven.  There have been times when I have felt alone and discontent.  That is evil whispering in my ear.    But this is my response.

And, I have a family.  But that will be my next  blog post  :) 


HeatherVMS said...

Beautifully written Jen!

Mary said...

I love your post Jen. You truly are blessed to have such a dear friend and a loving husband.

MVD said...

Thankful that you have friends like these, and a husband you love so dearly.