Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Farm

Diana invited us out to her farm to see her newest addition - triplet kids!  Ha!  Baby goats, that is :)
They were so soft and cute.  There were actually quite a few baby goats and several lambs, too.   We also got to visit their chickens, cows, and bunny.  We had such a nice visit.

My kids had been looking forward to this trip for several days.   As we drove to Iona Jacob would ask "is that Pauline's farm?" as we passed EVERY barn.  There are a lot of farms on the way from our place to the Alblas' place!! 

Both my kids loved all the animals and the big cement pad in between the barns.  Emily got to try out Daniella's "skelter" and Jacob enjoyed playing in the dirt piles and shoveling the gravel.... boys are so funny.

Thank you again, Diana, for having us out.  My kids already want to come for another visit :)
 The egg chickens.... I could have chickens if they were nicely contained in a coop like this. 

 Jacob and cows... He's loved them ever since he was a baby. 

 A very very clean white goat... So cute!

 Jacob chasing the animals around and around and around their stall

Happiness is...... (and actually the goat was quite happy too....:)

 Emily's turn

Two cute kids :)

Getting a helping hand from Daniella

Trying out the skelter

The bunny.  I told my kids we would get a rabbit if they agreed to keep it outside.  Emily said she only wanted a bunny if it could sleep in her bed with her.  Needless to say we are not getting a rabbit

Although Jacob certainly did love him/her :)

**And the blog is still going private... I just have to sit down and do it :)