Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Oh YA? Well My dad is better than your dad....

When first fell in love with Justin I was a naive highschool student. I thought he was funny and sweet and cute. Will he be a great dad? wasn't one of my top priorities. It probably should have been, but what can I say? I was a hormonal teenager. Did I mention he was SUPER cute?

But boy did I ever "luck" out. I use the term loosely, since luck has nothing to do with it. God has given me an amazing man who has turned out to be an even more amazing father. Although I couldn't see past his dazzling smile and fancy fast car, God had my future mapped out. Justin is many things - a skilled electrician, a brave firefighter, a jack-of-all-trades, a loving husband, and the best dad ever.

Just ask my kids.

This is my morning routine with Jacob:

"mooooommy, moooooommy, mooooommy" I hear from Jacob's room. His voice sounds like something from a horror movie. Very dry and deep and irritated.
As soon as I open the door to his room he starts bouncy up and down in his crib, and in the sweetest voice you could ever imagine asks me "daddy? daddy? daddy?"
The injustice of it all.
We then go through the same story. "Sorry buddy, daddy's at work" "Truck?" Jacob will ask me. "Yes, in his truck." Jacob will then pout on the floor for few minutes and eventually move on. Usually the cat runs by and attacks his head. I may dislike little mitsy, but she's a GREAT distraction.

And according to Emily, her daddy is the smartest, strongest, most handsome person on the planet. A few things I've heard from her regarding her dad are:

"Mom, is the ice on the lake thick enough to skate on?"
"I'm not sure"
"I'll just ask my dad. He's way smarter than you."

"One day Jacob will grow up to be handsome. But probably not as handsome as daddy. My dad is preeeettty handsome."

After Jacob was walking through the house calling for his dad --
"Yeah, sorry Jake. But dad is at work. And he HAS to go to work because EVERYbody needs electricity." *by the way, this was said in a southern accent, making it even cuter.

After the trim around the edge of the car door was pulled down by a certain toddler...
"Don't worry mom. Dad will fix it. You know why? Because my dad can fix ANYTHING. See that house? (looking out her window) My dad could build that. See that tree? My dad could climb that. "

When the 4 of us get in the car:
"Dad, are you going to drive?"
"Oh good, you are much better at driving than my mom."

What a traitor, hey??? ;)

But I am so glad my kids feel this way about their dad. It's so heart warming to see the way Jacob greets Justin each day. He runs from the living room into the kitchen with his arms raised high in the air screaming "yay! yay! yay! yay!" It's so sweet.

We are all thankful for the man that God has given us. Only 4 more hours until he comes home....

*I CANNOT wait for summer!


Heather said...

So sweet! I love it when kids are that excited to see their dad! Emily is such a goof! Love that kid!

Lucy van Eyk said...

That's my nephew you're talking about! I knew Justin best when he was a wee boy. So nice to hear about him being a dad!

Mark and Beth said...

i love the "see that tree? my dad could climb it"

Anonymous said...

Fun post Jen!
I really enjoy your posts - you write very well, and always make me laugh :0)

Canadian Willy said...

I am surprised what a good Dad Justin is. Just because I remember his short temper when he was growing up! I don't see it anymore with his kids. That's wonderful. And you are one of the best Mom's I know. Are you surprised how well you fit in to the "Mom" role?

Mel said...

Very SWEET!!!!!

Taunya said...

She does hold him on a pedistal, I like the "everyone needs an electrician"