Thursday, June 28, 2012

Piano Recital Pictures

Here are some pictures of Emily's piano recital.  Well, pre-recital.  I didn't really take many pictures at the church since I didn't want to "miss" it because I was viewing it from behind a camera.  And my low quality camera does not take good inside pictures, as you will be able to tell from the last shot.    *On a side note - We are buying a new camera soonish. We used our credit card points for gift cards and they are sitting in my purse.  As soon as I find the right camera we will purchase it.  Anyone have a camera they LOVE?  My want list includes :  a good zoom (we are taking it Disney World, so I would like to be able to zoom in on parades, rides, etc), short delay between taking pictures, and it needs to be small enough to carry around in a bag - not necessarily in a purse, but I don't want a huge SLR either.  Any suggestions?)

Anyway, back to the post about Emily :)
 She requested curly hair.  It was convenient the recital was at night - I braided her hair in three french rope braids and sprayed it with hair spray.  She wore it all day and when I took it out it looked like this.  Emily has really thick hair - once it was all curled it looks more like a mane :)

 A picture of Jacob just to spice it up.  He is a goof. 
 With our outside cat, Jon.  He is a good boy. (the kids named him)
And with "aunt" Janelle :)

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HeatherVMS said...

She is so sweet and has beautiful hair!