Thursday, September 08, 2011


There have been 4 babies born in our church so far this year. There are still 6 more to come! A couple in September, a few in November, and one in December. Yikes. The nursery in 6 months is going to be a BUSY place.

It is such a blessing to see our church grow. There are so many churches, in St. Thomas especially, where the church ages with the congregation. When the youngest member dies, the church closes it's doors. We are so blessed to have more babies born each year then elderly members pass away (so far). I have heard many pastors remark that they would much rather be interrupted a few times each service by a noisy toddler than look out into a sea of quiet, gray haired people.

Want to know why I was thinking about this? Well, co-ordinating meals for moms with new babies, planing a few showers for first time moms, and giving those with babies some time off of the nursery schedule has kept me busy! But busy in a good way - I feel useful and satisfied :)

Right now our babies are split 50/50, in terms of gender. We have a girl from Rob and Taun, a boy from Tim and Carolyn, a girl from Scott and Jen, and a boy from Joel and Lynnette. Want to see my predictions for the upcoming babies? Sure you do......
I think:
John and Amanda will have another boy
Trevor and Sarah will have a girl
Brian and Monica will have another girl
Matt and Julianna will have a boy (I'm cheating here)
Arie and Diana will have a boy
Ben and Heather will have another girl

I'm sure to be right at least once. And I'm VERY excited to be getting a new little nephew in November.

So don't forget to pray for all the expecting moms and for all those who would love to be expecting a baby of their own :)


AllThingsSnuggly said...

Jen, Jen, Jen.... my baby will NOT be born in December! He/She will be born in January if I have to sit with my legs crossed for the last week of December :-) :-) So fun to predict eh?
Thanks for all the work you do on Nursery and coordinating meals! It can be a very thankless job!

Megan said...

Oh Heather... I said that with Abby ( she was due the 27th of December) but she being as stubborn then as she was now decided to show me who was boss and come 10 days early making her a December 17th baby:-) So... you just never know:-)

Mel said...

It will be neat to see if your predictions come true! :O)

4 a lifetime of loving you said...

...You called Trevor and Sarah's right...Jon and Amanda's wrong - you've got more right than wrong so far (since we know that M&J are haveing a boy) you're doing good!