Saturday, March 12, 2011

Our.... bed????room

I don't usually like to post in-between renovation pictures. They are always really messy, a little embarrassing, and hard to understand (to me, anyway)!
But... I speak often of our "loft", so I thought I'd give you a visual to accompany my crazy stories. It's been lovingly given this nickname because we don't a have door, and our one wall is open to the stairs and therefore, living room. We don't usually take people up to our loft when showing them our home, because it is usually really messy, a bit embarrassing, and hard to understand ;)
Please forgive the mess - it's almost impossible to keep up with the dust! And hopefully you will be able to make out what is "going on" in terms of the new bathroom.

Standing in Emily's room looking into our bedroom:
The view from my bed. Behind the dresser are the stairs.
Here's the plastic ceiling:
And this will be the bathroom. The jut-out will be the shower.
The new hallway will run from the corner banister of the stairs to the front right 2X4 you see above. The bathroom will be at the end of the hall.
I'm very anxious to have the bathroom usable, if not finished. As you probably noticed, we have a potty upstairs so that I don't have to take Emily downstairs when she has to go the bathroom EVERY night. I know... gross, right??

Hope you enjoyed the "tour"!

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Anita said...

What a ton of work! It's fun to 'watch' what is going on in your house, but I can imagine that living through it all is quite another story! I love your house, though! someday I'd love to live in an old house that's full of character. :-)