Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Before and After

Here is the official 'after' of our living room. The wall is gone, and so is the carpet. Some of the wood under the rug was painted, some of it was stained, and some, in the very middle of the room, was still completely natural. Apparently who ever stained to floor, way back when, decided to save some time and stain around their current area rug. So we had a nice 10X10 square in the middle of the room that we had to cover up with a piece of carpet that our dear friends donated to us :)
The difference is amazing, the room is so bright and so much bigger. We're planning on doing some furniture re-arranging as soon as we get a new TV that we can hang on the wall.
Hope you enjoy our pictures!
The "new" old floor in the dining room!


Anonymous said...

loooks so glad so I take the carpet actually worked!!! glad we could get rid of something from our basement to your living room and to think we were just going to throw it in the dumpster!! Looks amazing so much brighter!!

Anita said...

It looks amazing!! :-)

Canadian Willy said...

It used to be popular to carpet the dining room. My in-laws carpeted theirs when they had 7 kids at home! Ripping up carpet and flooring is a riot. You never know what you end up with. Your diningroom looks amazing! Nice surprise! I love the livingroom, too. I think you are a "country girl who loves old houses". I can hardly believe you grew up in a town!

Taunya said...

What a great improvement!