Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh No! That's scawwey!

After an unusually troubling day for Emily I thought I would share with you the top 25 things Emily is afraid of in her life. She will tell me "Mommy, this scares me" or "Oh No! That's scary" but I sometimes wonder if she misuses the term when really she means 'I just don't like this.' Anyway, here are the top 25 - not necessarily in order but number one really is her number one fear!

1. Flies
2. Bees
3. Fuzz -- like from a sock. Very scary stuff.
4.Wind up toys
5. The theme song from Jaws
6. Uncle Matt -- I'm sure she will love you one day!
7. Babies, mostly infants
8. The dark
9. The church nursery
10. Any stranger
11. A crowded room
12. The bug portion of her Baby Einstein DVD
13. Being on my shoulders - Justin's shoulders is okay though!
14. Justin -first thing in the morning. She loves him the rest of the day.
15. Santa Claus
16. Dinosaur puppets
17. Being alone
18. Shoes - other than the only pair she wears everyday.
19. Her "Elefun" game that she loved for weeks but is now too scary to play
20. Cars coming towards us while I buckle her in her car seat
21. The bathtub drain
22. Dirty food
23. Snot
24.The shower head - when it drips in the tub while she's having a bath
25. French speaking women - when her Leap Frog Fridge toy is switched to the French side she is deathly afraid of it.

Some of these I think are normal two year old fears. But some of them are out of this world. I don't know where she gets it from but I'm hoping she'll grow out of it. I remember Caleb VD being afraid of chest hair, clouds, and growing up. And he turned out just fine (right, Taun!!). When she goes to bed each night I think she must be emotionally exhausted, poor monster.


Noordam's Blog said...

Reeve is deathly afraid of holes in her socks/tights. She will scream and scream...funny the things that affect them eh? Logan was petrified of ants...could hardly walk outside during summer. I think most of us are afraid of bees - and rightly so!
I'm sure Emily will grow out of most of those fears :)

Megan said...

that was funny to read:-) Emily is quite the character, although Ethans list isn't any shorter I'm sure especially from that age! lol
I'm sure she'll grow out of it too, although Emily made Ethans fear of flies come back... lol. Today he was scared at church cause there was a fly on the door!

Beth said...

oh Emily :)

Danielle said...

Okay, that was too funny! The things they come up with, eh? Hopefully those fears will go away soon=o)

Taunya said...

I think its normal to have 'fears' Caleb is still afraid to go downstairs without Tiana, and he's afraid of the dark (he will not let me shut his bedroom door at night) I guess he turned out ok, but he still has fears. I like the word whammer one, and the toe fuzz. I can hear her saying "thats scawee!"