Thursday, April 25, 2013

The day we found a dog

One day I looked outside to see a dog running around and around and around our house. I went out to investigate and soon realized we had a lost, very scared dog on our hands.
She was so well behaved and comfortable in the house that I knew she belonged to someone who was probably missing her. The dozen or so tricks she knew were also a good indication that someone spent a lot of time training this dog.
So I called the township and they took her to the animal control building. But they took about 2 hours to get here. And in those 2 hours, Jacob and I became very fond of this sweet girl. It has really made me think about taking the plunge into the dog world this summer.
Anyway, for those of you who love a happy ending, you're in luck. The owners picked her up that night and it turns out she belongs to someone on the fire department with Justin. He lives just down the road from us. So if we ever see her again, we'll just drive her home.

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srrraah said...

Aww, there's nothing sweeter than a kiddo and a dog playing together! :)