Sunday, July 01, 2007

Family Reunion

Yesterday was the Young family reunion. (My dad's mom's side). Just thought I would post some pictures since nobody really knows my side of the family! This is my soon-to-be cousin Ashley who is going to be on "Style by Jury" for a 'plain jane to blushing bride' makeover! (And Will, the 30-week premie baby - he is now 2 years old)

My mom and Emily

My dad, cousin Jamie, and cousin Cory

My cousin's little girl, Olivia, my mom and Emily. Olivia just loved Emily and spent every moment with her. She helped feed her, sang her to sleep and let Emily play with her My Little Pony.

My dad and his brother and sister. What goofs!

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Mamma Sue said...

Looks like the reunion was a really good time. Today we are hosting my side of the family for a bbq and campfire -- there is something so special about getting together with family:)Maybe I'll blog some pictures of it tomorrow.