Monday, January 21, 2013

Getting Organized

Seems like I have seen a lot of posts these days about getting organized.   Maybe it's because the craziness of Christmas has faded away.  Or because you notice a "hot to get organized" book on your mother in law's counter and think maybe that book was meant for you ;).  Either way, I decided that this week will be dedicated to finding homes for homeless things and getting rid of the grime under my end tables (among other things).

Today's job was the playroom.  Our playroom has a lot going on.  The dryer is in there making it a kind of laundry room (or at lease the room where washed and dried laundry waits to be folded), our big chest freezer is in there (since we don't have a basement) and all of Justin's clothes are in there since our dresser is in Jacob's room and Justin leaves before he wakes up in the morning.   We have a futon against one wall making this room an emergency guest room.  Oh, and all the kids toys.  And our wireless computer printer thrown in there for good measure.

So after a few hours, lots of unneeded toys going to BFM, a big bag of garbage - how does that happen...?, and ALL the laundry (except Justin's) being folded and PUT AWAY (something that I struggle with doing in a timely fashion) the playroom resembles more a room than a dumping ground. 

One day, the playroom will be more functional.  Eventually our furniture will be in our room, which means there won't be laundry baskets sitting on the counter.  Our freezer will be moved to our sunroom freeing up an entire wall.  When all the pictures and Justin's guitars are no longer in the office (they will go in the hallway upstairs and in our room) we can move the printer back to the office.   So there is hope for that room yet :)

The rest of the week's schedule looks like this:

Tuesday - Clear out the 'laundry room' aka where the washing machine is.  The cupboard above the washer is not being put to good use, and the top of the washer collects various items from spare change, noise reducing ear muffs, flat irons, and clothes that have been hung to dry.

Wednesday - Living Room:  we have 5 drawers in our various occasional tables that I suspect have mostly junk in them.  I am also going to move the tables and get rid of the massive amount of dust that has settled there in the last few weeks.   And much to Emily's dismay I will disassemble her hiding spot in the corner.   

Thursday - Dining Room:  We have one chest of drawers in there that needs organizing.  And one corner where my poor dusty sewing machine sits dormant along with a booster seat.  Both of those things need a new home.

Friday - Kitchen.  Reorganize every cupboard and ruthlessly get rid of anything I haven't used in the last 6 months.

And then on Saturday I will sit in my organized house and breathe a sigh of relief.  Even if it becomes completely messed up by noon on Saturday, I will know that the mess is only surface dirt and that tidying up will be easy and simple because I will be so organized.  Right??? 

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HeatherVMS said...

I missed this post! Did you accomplish it all? Want to come and do my house next? lol!