Monday, December 25, 2006

A few pictures

Just thought I would add a couple of pictures from a wedding we went to in November. We used to vacation with Gordon (the groom) and his family when I was growing up. His bride, Angela, has a real survival story... when she was a little girl, her house caught fire and before she could make it out, she also caught fire and the pajamas she was wearing were made from polyester and melted to her skin. The doctors did not expect her to survive, as over 50% of her body was burned. She was in the hospital for over a year and still has to have future surgeries to deal with the tightening skin around her neck. She looked absolutely beautiful on her wedding day, and despite her scars, still wore a low back, lovely silk dress. She is truly a fighter!

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Anonymous said...

good to see you posting Jen. crazy story - we heard a simalar one at the kids christmas program monday of a girl gettting burnt.